Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Can I use my experience in K of C on a resume?   

A.   If you don’t mention the name.  
For example it would be OK for a successful Grand Knight to put something like this on a resume:

Served 2 years as president of a 190 member local chapter of an international fraternal service society.

  • Raised more the $25000.00 and contributed over 2000 man-hours to local charities

  • Increased membership 15%.

  • Received highest awards for growth and performance both years.
    Note: the name of the order is not used.

Q:  Can the Council build a business directory to help members?   

A. No.  Here is the answer from Supreme:

. . .the directory as described in your email would constitute an impermissible use of membership by brother Knights "in connection with any business, or social, or other enterprise, without permission of the Board of Directors" in violation of SEC. 162.11 and the August 2, 2009 Board of Directors vote.

See SEC. 162.11 and the August 2, 2009 Board vote attached below:
(See attached file: Sec 162 abd 8 2 09 Resolution.pdf) Thus, although the proposed directory may not directly advertise, it is plainly using membership in the Order in connection with a "business, social, or other enterprise." Accordingly, the proposed directory would not be permissible under SEC. 162.11 and the August 2, 2009 Board vote.

The purpose of this policy is to preclude the use of, among other things, the Order’s name, emblems, events, meetings, membership lists, and facilities to promote other products and services. The Board wishes to minimize the risk that anyone would draw the mistaken conclusion that the Knights of Columbus (a) has endorsed the product or service being offered or (b) has guaranteed the integrity of that product or service. Obviously, the Board cannot make any such endorsement or guarantee about any product or service other than those offered by the Knights of Columbus through its own insurance and financial programs. Furthermore, the Board wishes to avoid any business association that might expose the Order to liability if a product or service does not meet a customer’s expectations.

We understand that your proposal represents a sincere attempt find a way, within the laws of the Order, to help brother Knights in difficult economic times. However, as presented, the proposed directory violates SEC. 162.11.

Note: This does not prohibit informal word of mouth conversations. For example one might ask a Brother if they know a good attorney, etc. Giving the name of a Brother Knight would be OK. 

If there is a need for job listing sites or job directories, work through the parish, not the council, and don’t use the name or emblem of the Order.